Best Move (music by Canis Major)

by Street Light

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Chorus: Wrote this for Chanelle, can't remember how it goes. This right here is my best move.

And the verses probably go: Something bout diamonds, gold. And how you're better, and nothing ever could shine as close.
Talk about that perfect smile, know you heard it all befo- you know how to hold it down and never let my heart beat slow.
Or maybe something like: we fought the other night, cuz I mistakenly angrily text the wrong number, right?
And it happened to be you..and life don't come with a redo--button, but there's no reason for me to ever see that evil.. side.
You'd make the perfect bride. You'd be a terrible wife.. Never want you to leave my side. I want you out of my life!
One of a kind, I swear girl, you just so special.. Could find it anytime, I'm already on to the next you...
So sweet, that around her, I never curse. But When I'm around her, she makes me want to shoot rounds of four letter words
I wrote this, I hope you love it. Don't even care if you hear it. I really don't know the subject, forgot the lyrics. But I know one thing: I

Oh, you expected a love song? Well, this is. No love lost. I'll always give you back just what you give. As men, you wanna call us dogs every chance that you get. The result of a crushed heart; seen through the crack in your ribs.
Believe me, I understand. I've witnessed it and acknowledge the typical man has issues and you been through hella problems. It's women too. Some people misuse the truth in a promise, and when the victim listens, it don't even sit on their conscience. Hm.
But everybody's different. That type of prejudice will make you miss the heaven sent person that maybe God intended... You said that you don't give chances unless they worthy or deserving. That's that old Jersey Bull like Mike & Pippen..
The dudes that's kindest to you is the kind that you kind of dissing. Nothing new, that's a trait you usually find in finer women. Dimes are a dime a dozen. A guy that will love you isn't. I pray that the perfect husband will wife you, though nonexistent.

8 bar break

Wrong things. Wrong things. You worry bout the wrong things. The wrong things.
*warped* And this right here is my best move (x 3) ....remember how it goes

To the women I've been hanging with: thank you for patience. God connected us a for a reason even if we ain't dating. Tinashe, Tori, and Alex, I think you're simply amazing, just in case I never told you. I know we all bout to make it.
And lastly, to the woman who had the attention of mine for the last three years, weird. Time is flying..but I've never been better. And I've observed enough of our character to know that this should be the last letter...



released September 26, 2013
Street Light - Best Move
Executive Production: Christian Grace (Street Light)
Written By: Christian Grace (Street Light)
Music By: Canis Major
Mixing/Mastering By: Rhadames Carmona



all rights reserved


Street Light Detroit, Michigan

Street Light is an American Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI. Most noted for baffling and clever wordplay, pure knowledge, along with an undefined and constantly evolving style, he has gained the ear of many who anticipate what he will come up with next. ... more

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