Grown Man

by Street Light

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LYRICS: It's that time of the year again. I'm back at it. The winter's mine. I'm feeling fine. My rap status is killing lines and penning minds on tracks spazzing. With class action, I'll minimize the backstabbing.
And everybody is my friend if they a fan of me, no fans in the plans, every friend is my family. That's when Hybrid the rapper said I lost him as a backer, but you just a bystander in the path of my strategy.
You're welcome for that free promotion. Now watch some no name rapper come at me hoping I make a track so that he get quoted. Don't want me heated, you'll find yourself in between the stove, and colder than being beneath the ocean at Three below and
I'm reminded. After I dropped Drowning, yall showed me so much love, I feel like no one can stop it..and If y'all can keep that up, we gone make it there, I promise. Every stage is a spaceship. Homie told me to rock it.

Ah! And this that new flow, homie don't be a culo, your boys in the background telling you keep it cool, bro. Cuz yeen tryna hear what I write when I'm stockpiling my ammunition listen, kid I've been couped up like two doors.
And you know... I can get deeper than the people you know. Me rhyming on the surface is purpose número uno. And you might be as ill as me if the industry told you no. But now I just do it. No longer plan it, like Pluto.
And labels want to label me. Say I'm too spiritual and lyrical, and they believe that it would take a minimal increase in my material speech for me to the make the team. It's pitiful how all of this they make up like Maybelline.
I may be lean, but waited(weight) enough to know they may be lying(line). And I ain't gone buckle under pressure. They just WAISTing time. Not in my jeans(genes). I'm a winner, so. When everything ain't what it seems (seams), I remember my humble beginnings, yo.

This that forever great anthem.
For heavyweights. Never hesitate to put your hands up. To celebrate.
Leave you this letter just like a ransom. I did.
Stare in the devil's face to get my answers.

Elevate just to seperate from my clansmen.
Meditate just cuz they can't relate to my tantrums. Levitate til better record label advances. Never say...never. But whether to take my chances....
I guess we'll find out soon. And if I'm not who I think I am, then Imma die out too..and that's a scary thing to think about. . . . . but it came from the demon's mouth. And I'm not fooled.
I got people that believe in it. Tell me keep the dream living. We will never change even when the game seems different... And just as I begin to contemplate quitting, my heart'll jump in and start to relay me these words of wisdom like....

I know they saying that boy grew up quick.
But I'm still the same. I never changed. Can't touch this.
I don't want the fame. And God gave me enough chips
They be stomping in the A. In New Jersey, they pump fists.
This! Now watch me take it even further.
Soon as I kill the game, they screaming out murder murder.
Even the deaf haters like yea yea, we heard ya.
I just can't be ignored. And they never fast forward, playa. Word up!

Break: I'm on my grown man. Go and get to dissing.
I'm on that grown man. I ain't even listening.
I done grew up. Far from a screw up. Can't nobody stop us now. Homeboy, we too tough. .


released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Street Light Detroit, Michigan

Street Light is an American Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI. Most noted for baffling and clever wordplay, pure knowledge, along with an undefined and constantly evolving style, he has gained the ear of many who anticipate what he will come up with next. ... more

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